CoreOS, Mirantis Announce Partnership To Bring Tectonic To OpenStack

CoreOS and Mirantis have partnered to integrate the CoreOS Tectonic Kubernetes platform with the Mirantis OpenStack distribution. By running Tectonic on top of Mirantis OpenStack, customers will be able to deploy Google-style infrastructures that are backed by the enterprise-grade service and support.

“Now that Kubernetes is production-ready, companies using Tectonic and Mirantis OpenStack can have a Google-like infrastructure at their fingertips,” said CoreOS CEO, Alex Polvi. “Mirantis possesses a deep understanding of open source software, and their commitment to the open source ecosystem around OpenStack is second to none. It was natural to work with Mirantis to help customers see the benefits of Kubernetes on OpenStack.”

Mirantis offers a curated distribution of OpenStack that has been used to build many large OpenStack clouds for companies like Cisco, Samsung, NASA and more. Mirantis provides software, services, training and support to help companies leverage the power of open-source OpenStack technology. Mirantis has been a leading contributor to the OpenStack project.

CoreOS recently announced its Tectonic commercial distribution of Kubernetes 1.0. Kubernetes is the container cluster manager that allows customers to easily manage and scale containers across multiple machines. CoreOS Tectonic preview is offered on a subscription basis that, like the Mirantis OpenStack distribution, offers additional features like support, training and automatic updates.

The Mirantis OpenStack distribution includes the Fuel open-source control panel for OpenStack as well as the Sahara tool that enables the automated provisioning and re-configuration of Hadoop Clusters on OpenStack. Tectonic from CoreOS adds an automated installer and a management console that eases container deployment and administration.

The partnership will help companies ramp up deployment of container-based infrastructures backed by support and training from Mirantis and CoreOS.

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